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Tango FTP Features

Tango FTP .NET Cutting Edge .NET Technology
Tango FTP was written from the ground up in the latest and most modern computer language, C# (pronounced "C sharp"), utilizing Microsoft's .NET framework. The .NET Framework is Microsoft's brand new, revolutionary software programming architecture designed to create the latest cutting edge computer applications. Read more >>
Tango FTP Connect Button

Unique Login
The Tango FTP login has two modes, Simple and Advanced. Simple Login has three input fields; Server Login, User Name and Password. The Advanced Login view offers several more login options for the power user.

Tango FTP Favorites Favorite Accounts and Snapshots
With Tango FTP managing your favorites accounts has never been easier. In addition to saving account information, you can also save multiple snapshots within an account allowing you to quickly jump to favorite local / remote views.
Tango FTP Security Secure Accounts & Master Password
Tango FTP encrypts all of your stored account passwords with 128 bit encryption, one of the highest forms of encryption available today. You also have the option to assign a Tango FTP Master Password that is separate from all individual account passwords. One Master Password, when applied, will lock all important accounts as an extra layer of security.
Tango FTP Information

Get Information on Files and Folders
Tango FTP has a custom designed information dialog box that allows you to see all the relevant information on selected files and folders including type of file, location, size, date modified, etc. You can also change an item’s name and attributes within the information dialog box.

Tango FTP Browser Style Navigation Browser Style Navigation
Tango FTP has a unique tool bar that functions like a web browser with back, forward and refresh buttons for easy navigation, and an address field so you always know where you are. The tool bar also features bright function icons to make the job at hand fast and easy.
Tango FTP Upload Download Easy Upload & Download
With Tango FTP, transferring files is simple and intuitive. Simply select files on either side to upload or download using Tango FTP's green & orange arrow buttons - or simply Drag 'n' Drop them from one side to the other.
Tango FTP Springbord Tango FTP Springboard
One of the most useful and unique features of Tango FTP is the Tango Springboard. In Tango, the Springboard is the highest directory on your PC and acts as a quick launcher to your common PC directories for fast navigation.
Tango FTP Stay Connected Stay Connected
“Keep Connection Alive” option will ping the server every minute you are idle to stop the connection from being dropped. Some servers are stubborn, however, and will drop the connection even with a “NoOp” (no operation) command pinging the server. Tango FTP has accounted for this possibility. If you perform an operation after a dropped connection, Tango FTP will automatically log back in to the same view and perform the operation, without missing a beat. In fact, you probably won’t even know the connection was dropped at all.


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