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Tango FTP Screenshots

Tango FTP - Login Simple View Tango FTP - Login Advanced View
Tango FTP Login view in "Simple Login" mode. Tango FTP Login view in "Advanced Login" mode.
Tango FTP - Springboard Tango FTP - Upload
Initial logged in view shows local "Springboard" on the left and remote server view on the right. Tango FTP ready to upload selected items from "My PC" to "Server" using green upload button.
Tango FTP - Uploading Tango FTP - Download & Dran n Drop
While uploading or downloading, the blue "Eject" button is replaced by the red "Stop" button to abort the transfer. Tango FTP downloading selected items from "Server" to "My PC" using orange download button - or Drag 'n' Drop the items.
Tango FTP - Address Bar Tango FTP - New Folder
Dropdown Address Bar Creating a new folder using Tango FTP.
Tango FTP - Delete Items Tango FTP - Show Log
Deleteing items using Tango FTP. Viewing the FTP logs.
Tango FTP - Info Dialog Box Tango FTP - Account setup
  Setting up an account using the Tango FTP Account Setup dialog box.
Item Information dialog box.  
Tango FTP - Favorite Account Snapshot Setup  
Set up multiple local / server snapshot views within an existing account using the “Account Snapshot Setup” dialog box.  
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